Bug: Bio::SearchDist (or the underlying Bio::Ext::Align) reports incorrect E-values.

BioPerl version: 1.4

Description of the problem:
Bio::SearchDist does not provide meaningful E-values when trying to fit an extreme value distribution (EVD) to a set of integer scores.

Test script and files:
The test input file below contains a sorted set of 20724 integer scores. The scores are distributed around a median of zero with a range between -204 and +1073.
'test_evd.pl' is a simple test script to fit EVD to these scores and calculate E-value for each score. The fit_evd() method seems to complete successfully (it returns 1). However, in the output, the first 29 "E-values" are 1075530112, the 30th is 1, and all others are zero.

Links to script and input/output files: